Solving the problem of malnutrition using science and technology.

In my opinion, solving the problem of malnutrition, is a very difficult task to accomplish. Malnutrition, has been a major world-wide struggle since the beginning of times. Malnutrition is a concern that affects many people in many different areas, therefore the solution does not lye on single scientific, or technological approach. Furthermore, inadequacy of nutrition, cannot be solved overnight.


While science and technology have the potential of aiding and slowly restoring hunger in the world, it takes a collaboration of all people to help relieve this problem. When looking at hunger in comparison to the lavishness that many countries forego, the solution is almost apparent. Isn’t it?


My target to this problem, would involve finding a way to recycle usable and non-perishable items that in many circumstances go to waste. In addition, most restaurants throw their left over food at the end of the day, in an effort to guarantee freshness of their products for the next day. Having a unified system that would allow restaurant owners to input data regarding left over food that is available for pick up, along with a team of designated drivers who will make runs during the night to collect these items which will then be taken to a central warehouse and then distributed to the homeless, hungry, and anyone who needs food.


In addition, I would create a database that would allow the virtual integration of multiple localities, as well as a tracking and management systems for the drivers, distributors, and consumers. This system, will also keep track of the amount of individuals that have been assisted, in an effort o monitor progress and identify needs. Once this project has been successfully set in place at one location, expansion to different cities will eventually lead to expansion to different states which will lead to expansion to other countries.


The above program, would work well hand-in-hand with local Social Services agencies, food banks, non-profit organizations, churches, and other available outreach services. The collaboration of the above, in conjunction with restaurant owners, and volunteers, are the the perfect combination for the effort of improving hunger problems in the world.


Aside from hunger, malnutrition also affects a persons’ health, emotional, physical, and mental state & development. The integration of a nutrition system approach, along with medical services, will not only help feed the hungry, but also retain them for medical assistance. Aside from the above reasons, it may assist in the gathering of information for the purposes of medical and statistic data collection, which in return, could be used for research purposes, and fir further active targeting to these world-wide programs.


Hunger affects millions of people each day. Many of those, including children and the elderly, suffer more severe consequences of hunger thus developing irreversible diseases and many times even death. Many of the victims of hunger, do not have the resources to travel to food banks or community outreach centers for assistance. For these reasons, it is imperative to establish a program that has the capacity of taking this into consideration, by delivering food to many areas and to rural populations.


Next time that you cook at meal, be sure to put all efforts into making only what is going to be eaten. Food waste, is not only a sure way of wasting, but also reflects a poor consideration to the hungry and to those in need of proper nutrition. The food that you waste, has the potential of saving another’s life, should it end up in the right hands. Please considering researching the needs of your local food banks, and making a small donation when possible and available.

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